Terms for Players Transfer


Players Transfer is owned and run by:


Steffen Kongensbjerg Larsen







1. Trade condition of the website


1.0. To make an agreement with Players Transfer, you are required to register with following information.  




Telephone number.

Email address.


1.1. Personal information will only be registered at Players Transfer.


1.2. We register your personal information with the purpose of giving you the best possible service.


1.3. When personal information is collected through Players Transfer, we assure you that this only happens with your consent - you know about the information we collect and for what reason.   


1.4. The following of our employees have access to registered information. 

The management.

The service department.

The marketing department.


1.5. Information will not be given to a third part or to other companies.


1.6. No sensitive information will be registered.


1.7. Being registered at Players Transfer, you allways have the right to object against the information registered about you. You have these rights because of the personal data law, and if you have any questions towards this, please contact Players Transfer through their email: info@playerstransfer.com.




2. E-marketing:


2.0. You can choose to receive our newsletter per email. The newsletter consists of information about Players Transfer, our products, relevant offers, perhaps competitions etc.


2.1. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you cancel it there where you registered.   




3. Condition for buying profiles:


3.0 Activation:


As soon as your payment is registered, your personal profile will be activated. It exists for the period of time paid for. 


3.1 The purchase:


As a player, club, coach and agent you buy a personal profile on Players Transfer, and also the right to see contact information about other players, clubs, coaches and agents. Furthermore, you can buy different features, depending on the choice of profile.

Because Players Transfer is an advertisment media, we can't guarantee our costumers the existance of specific players, clubs, coaches and agents wished for.



3.2 Right of return / right to withdraw when paying with credit card:


According to the law you have 14 days of right to withdraw, but because the payment is made straight away, as soon as the customer accepts (purchase accepted), the right to withdraw is annulled, which the customer accepts by completing the payment.



3.3 Payment with credit card:

On Players Transfer you can pay by credit card. When you purchase on Players Transfer with your credit card, you will see on your statement of your account the message “Playerstransfer.com”. The amount of money purchased for, will be withdrawn within 1-3 days after you have entered as a member of Players Transfer.




3.4 Purchase of subscription with credit card:


If you buy a subscription of a gold – or silver profile, we automatically re-new your profile at the beginning of every month. As long as you choose to continue your membership at Players Transfer, the amount will be withdrawn 1-3 days after the 1st of every month and on this date you will also receive a receipt per email as soon as your profile has been up-dated. You can quit your subscription from one day to the other by sending an email to info@playerstransfer.com. If you change your credit card, please send an email to info@playerstransfer.com where you inform us about your change and we will cancel your present subscription. When this is done you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours. Then you visit Playerstransfer.com again and create a new agreement of a subscription, the exact same place where you created your former agreement. As soon as you have created a new agreement of the payment of your subscription, you will receive an invoice and a confirmation per email.





4. Registration:



4.0. Registrating players, clubs, coaches and agents: It is easy to be regitered as a player, club, coach or agent. You just have to click on the link "New User" on the first page of Players Transfer. Then you fill in your personal information. If you have any questions towards this or problems with typing in, please send an email to  info@playerstransfer.com.


4.1. When you have typed in the data and these are registered with Players Transfer, the data will be read and accepted, if they comply with the conditions that are in force for Players Transfer. You can start using your profile as soon as your data is typed in and you are registered.  


4.2. The responsibility of the player: The player is responsible for correct data. Players Transfer have no knowledge about the correctness of the information given and have no responsibility for this.


4.3.  The responsibility of the club: The club is responsible for correct data. Players Transfer have no knowledge about the correctness of the information given and have no responsibility for this.


4.4. The responsibility of the coach: The coach is responsible for correct data. Players Transfer have no knowledge about the correctness of the information given and have no responsibility for this.  


4.5. The responsibility of the agent:

The agent is responsibil for correct data. Players Transfer have no knowledge about the correctness of the information given and have no responsibility for this.


4.6. Personal login for players, clubs, coaches and agents. Your login is personal and gives you access to functions on the website. A login follows automatically when you create a profile on the website. The password is personal and you are required not to give it on to anybody else or let them use your personal password.  


4.7. Copyright of material on the website: All material on the website is protected by the intellectual property right and may not be copied at all without a written agreement.


4.8. An interruption of the technical service or technical failure: Players Transfer doesn't have any responsibility for interruptions of the technical service or technical failure which directly or indirectly is caused by typing in, communication, interruption on the web, interruption of servers, hardware or software. 




5. Conditions for profiles (player, club, coach, agent) on Players Transfer:


5.0. You have to be 15 years minimum, to create a profile at Players Transfer.


5.1. It is illegal to type in an email address other than your own. All kind of harassment will be reported to the police.


5.2. Players Transfer reserves the right to delete profiles using Players Transfer to publish commercial content, or any other kind of advertisement. Profiles with a content that is offensive, discriminating, or presumed not acceptable, can also be deleted by Players Transfer. Furthermore, Players Transfer does not allow content of implicit or explicit sexual character, which also includes uploading images.


5.3. Players Transfer reserves the right to delete profiles we think aren't serious or have typed in information which seems incorrect.  


5.4. Any kind of contect which breaks the Danish law, will be reported to the police without any warning, with information about the time of registration and IP number, including pedophilia content.   


5.5. It is not allowed to create a profile that can be linked to another person. Furthermore, it isn't permitted to give in other peoples email addresses, addresses, telephone numbers or any other kind of contact information. All kind of harassment will be reported to the police.  


5.6. It is not allowed to send or forward letters on Players Transfer that contain commercial, offencive, discriminating content, chain letters or contact information about other people.   


5.7. Players Transfer can at any time, without notice, delete your profile, as soon as one of the terms above are not fulfilled. This also applies if you have a Gold og Silver Profile. The amount of time used and payed for, will not be refunded, if you do not fulfill the terms above.  


5.8. Players Transfer does not accept invitations, the holding of and advertisements for events, that gives the organizer profit.   




6. Conditions for images (portraits and logos) on Players Transfer


6.0. The images you upload have to be lifelike, contemporary and you have to have the right of using them.  


6.1. Images may not consist of links or references to other websites.  


6.2. The quality of the images has to be good, so there is no doubt it is you on the picture. The whole face has to be visible.   


6.3. All kind of manipulation of images is not allowed, including retouching, cuttings or drawings.  


6.4. It is not allowed to upload violent images, images with a threatening or non sober-minded character or images with a strong sexual undertone, to Players Transfer.


6.5. Images can not consist of wasted space, frames, and the image has to turn correctly.   


6.6. Images are not allowed on Players Transfer, if they consist of implicit or explicit sexual chartacter. 


6.7. If the terms above are not respected, the images will be deleted without notice.




7. Conditions for uploading a video to Players Transfer


7.0. The video you upload has to be lifelike, contemporary and you have to have the right of using it.  


7.1. When you upload the video to Players Transfer, it is your responsibility to respect any right of a given proprietor, if the video is linked to a permit, that Players Transfer should not know of or realise.   


7.2. The duration of a video has to be what is equivilant to 200 mb maximum.


7.3. Videoes that take advantage of Players Transfer commercially or contain any ad that is offensive or discriminating, or seems to have a non sober-minded attitude, are deleted straight away. Players Transfer do not accept videos that consist of implicit or explicit sexual character. 


7.4. Players Transfer reserves the right to delete videos we believe are unserious, or have a violent, threatening or non sober-minded character.  


7.5. Videoes that do not fulfill the terms above will be deleted immediately without notice.   




8. Closure


8.0. If you want to stop your registration as a user on Players Transfer, you can at any time delete your profile on Players Transfer by clicking on ”Delete Profile” in the menu. Your profile will be deleted as soon as you have approved the deletion. Furthermore, we will send a confirmation of the deletion of your profile to your email address.




9. Further conditions


9.0. We reserve the right to change the conditions, including prices, with one days notice. We make certain reservations concerning misprints, wrong formulation on the website and in all advertisement material. Furthermore, we take certain reservations concerning technical failure and failure of the server, internet connection etc. and compability problems. The website works with most browsers and when you buy an ad, you will be able to see if it works in your browser. If it does not, you will not be able to carry out your purchase. It is not possible to buy only part of the advertisement package separately.