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1st league
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Players Transfer

Steffen Larsen

Steffen Larsen
Owner of PlayersTransfer

Players Transfer is the worlds biggest showroom consisting of players and clubs. At Players Transfer you are your own agent. You decide where in the world you prefer to play and what you require in salary.

On this site you can read more about who Players Transfer is and what we can do for you.

Goalkeeper, 3rd league, Germany

"In 2011 I succeeded in finding a club through On that time I played in Germany's fourth best league, but my aspirations were higher. There was no luck in the first transfer window, but in the second I linked to my Youtube video, and that resulted in some serious contacts. I was lucky that I after only one test practice found a club, who were willing to take me in.”

“I happily recommend Players Transfer to other players, who are looking for new challenges."


Assistant coach, 2nd league, Brazil

“We have through a number of years used as a supplement to our ordinary scouting activity. It is allways interesting to see, if something new appears on the market, and so far we have tested around 5 players, who we have found through the website.”

“Of course we hope that in time more and better players will join, so we can benefit even more from it.”


Players Agent, Denmark

“On a daily basis I work with players in both football and handball. provides a basis to find new players and clubs. We have with luck contacted a few players from for example Africa, who we would normally have used a lot of ressources on finding.”

“I recommend all our clubs and players to create a free profile on”